The Murphy Difference

The strength and longevity of Murphy Logistics is the result of our commitment to provide customers with the best customized logistics services in the industry. Though our warehouses may be large, our team offers a personal touch, and each customer receives the attention of a neighborhood store. In an industry that is driven by efficiencies, others lose sight of a fundamental truth. We believe that the customer always comes first. Whether you are just beginning in business, or an established multi-national player, we believe that Murphy Logsitics can be an integral part of your future. 

Our ongoing success and long-term customer satisfaction comes from four core strengths; business knowledge from 110 years of service, strategically located assets, our progressive use of rail services, and our business focus on creativity, flexibility and responsiveness to customers. While we may have a lot of experience with more than 100 years in business, we are always expanding our services to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. When matched with a dedicated team that always puts the customer first, the result is the best service in the industry.

We often refer to this equation when people ask "Why Murphy Logistics?"

Great People + Innovative Services = The Murphy Difference

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