Accuracy, Technology and Dedicated Service in the Supply Chain


What three things can help you become more efficient, effective and proactive within your supply chain?


By utilizing the latest technology, 3PLs provide you with accurate reports with customized interfaces to help you become more proactive with ordering. These high quality tools also give you more transparency with your inventory levels. 

See Murphy's NetView system for "Effortless Inventory Management". 

Dedicated Service

Our customer service reps, inventory managers and IT coordinators provide clients with the greatest level of service possible. Customer services reps at Murphy have dedicated accounts, ensuring that they learn the ins and outs of every inbound, inventory level and order. Through our historically low turnover rates and high level customer service focus, our employees are dedicated to getting the job done right, every time. 


Becoming more accurate is key to great customer service for a 3PL and for your customers. Our tools and employees can help you become more accurate throughout the entire supply chain. 


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