Murphy Logistics | 3PL Warehousing Company

Murphy Logistics is a top Kansas City Warehousing and Logistics Provider. 

Our customer specific logistics solutions include bulk, rack and food grade warehousing, transportation, and value added services. Our longstanding business success is grounded in three practices: understanding the needs and requirements of our logsitcs customers, delivering exceptional service to the supply chain and staying true to core company values.

We have been helping our customers move, store and ship freight throughout the Upper Midwest and internationally since we were founded in 1904 in St. Paul Minnesota. In 2012 we expanded our operation to Kansas City, Missouri, and operate three facilities in the Kansas City Metro area. We started with one warehouse and 50,000 square feet and now control five warehouses at nearly 500,000 square feet.

Our company mission is simple: We provide innovative logistics solutions driven by our enthusiasm to create a positive difference for our customers and employees. We want to be an amazing logistics services organization that is admired and trusted by our employees, partners and community. Our team of 180+ dedicated employees are experienced in providing our customers excellent logistics solutions, no matter how complex the assignment.

Our core family values of integrity, courage, imagination, risk taking, persistence, humility, leadership and community involvement are central to everything we do – now and in the future.

Whether you’re interested in partnering with Murphy Logistics to help your supply chain, joining our team, or learning from our best practices, let us help move you forward.